Things you want to know about sex toys

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Who does not want to have fun by exploring new things such as sex toys? Having to try new things in sex is very fun, it is a way to spice things up each and every time you have sex. Most of us only know a few sex toys and most of us do not know how to use it properly, in this blog site we will educate you on how to use sex toys in its full potential.

The most common one will be Dildos, even though it is very common and out of date compared to all the high-tech sex gadgets today surprisingly many women still love it and still so into it. If you want to experience the feeling of deep penetration that still feels like a penis a dildo is highly recommended for you. Dildos come from a variety of shapes, sizes and even the thickness so you will have plenty of options of which style will you prefer the most.

Butt plugs can be used to prepare yourself for an anal sex if you like anal sex this toy is highly recommended for you. A study shows that even though the anal does not have a nerve that can cause a woman to orgasm it can boost your mentality that can turn you on during your sex. It is also a very good toy if you want to feel double penetration when your guy is into your vagina you can leave the but plug in there to experience more intense sex.

Vibrators are the most versatile sex toy in the market, how did I say so? Well, you can use it even in a solo scene or even with a partner that’s why it is the leading toy in the sex toy industry. Vibrators also offer different varieties such as different size, shape and even some has adjustable power to control the power of the vibration for which you like. The most demanded vibrators are the dildo type, women like this so much not just it shapes like a penis but it is a level higher because it vibrates while inside your vagina.

Handcuffs, this is an underrated toy this is not a toy that will immediately arouse you but instead it helps for the build-up of the climax. This helps you to turn on both mentally and physically women say it is very satisfying when you can’t do anything while your partner is doing all such thing in your body while you feel so helpless stopping him from the things he does.

Nipple clamps, this toy is when you decide to step it up to the next level of BDSM where the mindset is to hurt so good. Some say that pain makes them arouse more, well everybody has their own opinion about this toy but if you like the pain then why not try this but too much pain that can cause blood is not advisable for you couple.