Romantic Sex Positions to Reach a Blissful Climax

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October 4, 2018
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October 22, 2018

There are moments that you crave for rough and wild sex, and there are days when you ache for romantic, passionate love-making. Read more in this article to know what the best sex positions that can help you reach a blissful climax!

The Couch Rocker: this is a superbly intimate yet comfortable position. Have your partner sit on the couch. Sit on his lap and face him with your feet on the seat cushion. Rock gently and hug him tight. This position brings you magic.

Bed Fort Bondage: lie your partner on his back, pin his wrists above his head. Get on top of him and carefully lay flat on top of him with your legs between his. This position rubs your clit on his pubic bone and will also keep him last longer.

Straddle the Saddle: let your partner assume a crab-like pose and align your legs on the side while leaning back your hands. Get into a slow, rocking rhythm.

Get comfortably snug with your partner, this few hacks may help you reach the blissful climax.