Best Sex Furniture for New Sex Positions

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November 20, 2018
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There are very many positions of having sex out there that you don’t want to miss out on. We understand that every couple loves enjoying sex with maximum passion. To appreciate these positions fully, you will require to have the right platform to get underway. That could be anything like a sofa, bed, chair, or even a wash barrel – but these things are boring and very common, and you are seeking for full excitement. These platforms cannot offer you full enjoyment since they cannot give you the best sex positions in the house.

So, couples require to implement new things in their sex life to satisfy their desires. Now the question is, are there any products out there that can assist in spicing up your sex life? Don’t worry. This article outlines the best 4 sex furniture that you can utilize for new sex positions.

1. Prelude Bed Bench

A prelude bed bench is a piece of ideal furniture for sex, sensual massage, and foreplay. It is a backless bench that is accurately measured to fit at the end of either a king or queen-size bed and gives partners a stable and comfortable surface for smooth transitions between straddling, sitting, kneeling, and rear end sexual positions.

Experience an even approach to sex with this piece of furniture that is designed to enhance access and mobility while boosting your pelvic pumping power and the pleasurable feeling of a deeper penetration. The stylish prelude bench is made from high-density foam that is held by a sturdy wooden base with beautiful maple feet. Its top is made of a non-staining leather fabric that is easy to clean and maintain.

2. ESSE II Black Label

The black label is an elegant restraint play for your bedroom. It is partly an elevated sex lounger and somewhat a bondage bench, and it is intended to redefine the art of Kamasutra with an eccentric twist. To a visitor, ESSE II black label might seem like any innocent lounger meant for relaxing, but to you, it carries seamless pleasures that include a chain of reinforced clips positioned under its base that allow you to easily convert it to playful bondage – what it was initially intended for.

ESSE II Black Label

3. ESSE Chaise II

The ESSE Chaise II is a modernly styled sex lounger that features a longer and narrower body – offering all the possibilities, angles, and access in a glossy modern design. Its low profile allows individuals with shorter legs to effortlessly use the floor for pumping power while getting support from the chaise. Your back, neck, and head can be placed in practically any position that you have in mind, while the customized slopes and extra height give the deepest possible penetration.

Combining excellent levels of style, quality, and comfort ESSE Chaise II redefines the relationship between Tantric and Kamasutra sex – giving partners the capability to make love without compromises.

4. Liberator Kamasutra Chaise Lounge Bench

This modern chaise is specially made to enhance the sexual positions of Kamasutra. Its double arc contours resemble the curvatures of the human body which gives you the freedom to move into any pose. It helps you create lots of new movements, rotations, and angles.

Its design includes maple feet that are left in their natural wood state so that you can paint them in any color of choice. It can support all body types.

The best way to enjoy sex is by utilizing new positions. So, consider getting some of these pieces of furniture for yourself or give them to someone on your gift list this year.